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>Tommy Simoens is proud to present RESET, a film by Aldine Reinink.
After having lived and worked in New York, Berlin and Brussels, the Belgian artist Gert Robijns returns to his native village, a small hamlet with fewer than 200 inhabitants. When his grandmother moves into an old people’s home, he buys her house and creates RESETHOME, a sculpture and art space.

The documentary RESET follows the artist during the construction of his work, a struggle that takes two years to complete. For Robijns the ups and downs of the building process become an intense inner journey. At the same time we witness the creation of an monumental artwork and this intriguing man’s unique way of thinking and viewing the world.

RESETHOME is Gert Robijns’ sculptural re-invention of his grandmother’s former home in Gotem. In 2012, the year his grandmother moved into a nursing home, he purchased the building and dismantled it, leaving only the two main supporting walls standing. Ten centimeters further on, he started re-building the house as a monumental sculpture that combines personal memorial and innovation in a new platform for the production and presentation of contemporary art. 


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