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Gert Robijns is pleased to invite you for the opening of the exhibition

René Daniëls – Works from 2006 to 2017

curated by Ulrich Loock

The exhibition at Reset features a comprehensive selection of paintings on canvas which René Daniëls has created since 2006. Very few of these paintings have ever been exhibited before.

Twenty years after suffering a haemorrhagic stroke in 1987 Daniëls started to paint again. The exhibition at Reset reveals these canvases to be an idiosyncratic body of work that has the potential to modify the perception and evaluation of Daniëls’s oeuvre as a whole.

The present exhibition sets out to demonstrate that Daniëls’s recent paintings should be considered neither as a continuation of the pre-1987 work nor as its fading echo. The especial and outstanding position of the works created since 2006 derives rather from the fact that Daniëls makes his reduced pictorial and verbal language into the fitting, effective and by no means deficient means for communicating the impairment that no-one shares with him.

The works prior to 1987 and those subsequent to 2006 belong to one overall oeuvre – but an oeuvre that is shot through with contradictions which drive it to the verge of being torn apart. In this way, Daniëls’s oeuvre is one which, in exemplary fashion, blurs the established separations between the competent and the deficient, the superior and the excludable, the actively shaped and the passively executed, the able and the disabled, in favour of access and ingress to what are the subject’s most deep-rooted cares and concernments


Ulrich Loock is an art critic, free-lance curator and lecturer. As the director of the Kunsthalle Bern he organized a monograph exhibition of René Daniëls’s work in 1987. Subsequently he has included work by Daniëls in a variety of other exhibitions and has written repeatedly on his painting.

RESETHOME is a building/sculpture which the artist Gert Robijns has erected single-handedly in the Haspengouw area of Limburg (Belgium) and which is to be used as an exhibition venue and artist’s residency. RESETHOME is a particularly appropriate place to exhibit Daniëls’s recent work. To create the venue Robijns demolished his grandparents’ home and reconstructed it ten centimetres away from the original foundations. Daniëls’s recent work and Robijns’s construction meet in the way they take specific precedents on into a new and meaningful present.

To accompany the exhibition at RESETHOME a comprehensive catalogue is being published by Roma Publications:
René Daniëls – Works from 2006 to 2017
Full colour, 80 pages, approx. 90 illustrations, with an essay by Ulrich Loock in English, hardcover.
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Gert Robijns: RESETHOME
Sint-Truidersteenweg 137, 3840 Borgloon

Parking and shuttle: you can park and take a shuttle bus on the opening day April 22, 2018 from Transport Lux, Sint-Truidersteenweg 305, 3840 Borgloon

Opening hours:
Every Sunday from 22 April to June 3, 2018 from 3 to 6 pm or by appointment

Entrance: free

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