in situ:

Pavel Büchler Factionis Communisticæ Præconium—1562

Pavel Büchler
factionis communisticae praeconium 1562—2017,
Letterpress print on handmade paper


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For the occasion of the exhibition NEVER HAD AN IDEA IN MY LIFE at Tommy Simoens, Pavel Büchler commissioned a Latin translation of a passage from Karl Marx’s & Fredrich Engels’ The Communist Manifesto (1848). It will be typeset and printed on the Plantin Moretus Museum’s historical presses. This single copy, Factionis Communisticæ Præconium—1562 will be added to the collection of the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library by Iris Kockelberg, the Plantin Moretus Museum’s director. The work will be on display at the Royal Atheneum in Antwerp tomorrow night from 6-8PM.

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