Yutaka Sone Michoacán Report I

Yutaka Sone
Sky Next Door, 2016
76 x 101 cm
Acrylic on canvas


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Tommy Simoens cordially invites you to the opening of the exhibition YUTAKA SONE: MICHOACÁN REPORT. Sixteen years after the foundation of Yutaka Sone’s Mexican and Chinese studios, the studio members will meet for the first time in person, in a temporary displacement to Tommy Simoens in Antwerp. Under Sone’s supervision, they will work side-by-side in temporary workshops that will be established at the gallery for this occasion. This first-time encounter will be substantiated by the sculptures produced during the exhibition, which effectively puts working processes on show. A new series of paintings by Yutaka Sone, showing several views of his studios in L.A., Chongwu and Michoacán, will also be on show at the gallery.

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